Course Information

The Start Location: The race will start at 8:00 am sharp from the Shelburne town garage located on Meadow Road off US Route 2, 3.5 miles west of the ME-NH State line and 5.5 miles east of the Jct. of Rtes. 2 & 16 in Gorham. Please come ready to compete, as there are no changing facilities in Shelburne. Toilets are at the west end of the Town Garage. Please place your bicycles in the bike racks at their correct location by hanging from the brake levers. Bike racks are numbered to correspond to race numbers.

The 10K Run: The out and back course heads northerly on Meadow Road then turns East (R) onto the North Road. Runners will pass the Philbrook Farm Inn on the way to the turn-around point at 3.1 miles. There will be water at the turn around, and at 3 other locations on the North Road. The course returns to the Town Garage and the first of two transitions.

The 1st Transition: Individuals make the transition from running to biking by entering the transition area chute and moving to their bicycle. Bicycles are arranged in racks by number and should be hung on the rack by the brake levers. Mountain bikes may be placed on the ends of the racks (although this course is best completed on a road bike.)

Into your numbered gear bag should go running shoes and any other necessities desired for the hill climb. We will transfer this bag to Wildcat Mountain for you. The numbered bag will be placed in a numbered rack at Wildcat Mountain. Only racers (and officials) will be allowed in the transition area.

***Please be sure everything you want transferred is placed in the bag. That is the only way your gear can be transferred to Wildcat Mountain. All bags will be picked up for transport to Wildcat Mountain.***

The Bike: After the run, the bicyclists will ride up a short, steep hill to Route 2, turn right, and ride about 2.2 miles on Route 2 to the first right hand turn onto the North Road to begin the 7 mile lap. You must complete one lap of the North Road. Watch out for potholes and veins; the North Road is rural and has some rough spots. You will bike past the Town Garage and back onto Route 2, then head into Gorham. Then there are two left hand turns. One is in Gorham at the Jct. of 16 south and US 2, and the other at Wildcat Mountain. Traffic control will be provided at these locations, but stay alert please. There is a good shoulder along Rte. 2 and Rte. 16 most of the way. A one-mile section of Rte. 2 near Timberland Campground is quite narrow.

Traffic can be heavy on Rte. 2; be especially aware of traffic when passing other cyclists. Cyclists will cross 4 sets of railroad tracks: three sets at right angles, and one on the diagonal. This set is at the golf course in Gorham. Use caution when negotiating the tracks. (A spare tube may be useful.) Bear in mind that all spare parts and tools are to be carried by the individual racer and all repairs during the event shall be performed only by the individual racer. No outside support is permitted.

There will be NO water stops along the bike route, so be prepared. You should have several full water bottles or a backpack hydration system if the weather is hot!

Wildcat Mountain Transition: The parking lot is gravel, and the transition from pavement to gravel is abrupt. The transition area is at the south corner of the base lodge, almost straight ahead as you enter the parking lot. Head for the building straight ahead. The bike racks will be numbered to correspond to your race number, and your gear will be in a bag at that location. Exit to the south, cross the brook, and then turn north. Follow the markers to the Polecat Trail. All competitors must enter the Wildcat Mountain Transition by 11:30 am SHARP. Anyone who does not meet this deadline will not be timed on the final leg and cannot be considered to have officially finished the race with regard to award eligibility. There will be NO exceptions.

The Polecat Uphill Climb: The Polecat Trail is a rough trail that averages a 12% grade and has sections approaching 30%. Wildcat Mountain is a real mountain. There are rocky sections, ledges, and a lot of uneven terrain. Stay on the trail. If it is rainy, the trail will be muddy and wet, and some sections may be slick. Be warned, this is not going to be easy even in the best of conditions. No hiking poles may be used.

The Finish: The finish is at the summit of Wildcat Mountain. Don't linger on the summit any longer than absolutely necessary. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get off the Mountain in a gondola, but the waiting line can be up to 1 hour. Have your support crew bring appropriate clothing to the summit so you can cover up quickly, as the summit is usually considerably cooler than the base.

Water Stations: In addition to the 4 water stations on the Run, there will be several water stations on the uphill climb. Water is most important during competition. You will exerting extreme energy and may experience dehydration and fatigue. Stop for water often.